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Why Burn

When trees live they breath in carbon dioxide (CO2) and create oxygen. When they die, they decompose and release methane (CH4), nitrogen, phosphorous, water vapor, etc . . . unless they are burned, then they release carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and water vapor.   

1 kg of methane is equal to 25 kg of carbon dioxide. That is why most human caused methane emissions are flashed. It makes sense to convert CH4 to CO2, before releasing it to the atmosphere.

By burning timber refuse and debris, we convert the methane that would eventually be  released in the decomposition process, into carbon dioxide. 

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Controlled Burn

A controlled burn operation will eliminate dead, dying, or diseased trees. Done in the cooler or wet months, it eliminates the chances of a forest fire becoming devastating in the summer or warmer months. 


Phase 1

We cut in the spring, weather permitting. During this phase we select trees that have been damaged, or destroyed by insects, or have various unwanted characteristics. These trees are felled and the timber debris cut into manageable lengths, so they can be stacked into piles. 


Phase II

During phase II we pile the refuse into manageable piles. This is done in locations conducive to proper elimination of the fuels. Elimination usully involves incineration. This is a cost effective means to fortify a property or structure against fire.   


Phase III.

In Phase III we burn. By burning this debris in a time where the potential of fire spread is minimum, we take it out of the forest. So when a fire approaches the location in the late Sumer and early Fall months it will not have these fuels to burn. 



It is our hope that a forest without the excess trees and dead fuels, will not burn. When the projects are finished, our methods are not invasive, and there is little trace of our activities left behind. 


Service Name

Our hand pile methods have no large tracks, booms, or claws, and we leave no two-track roadway, damaged trees and unburnable piles buried in the dirt like machines.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Motto is to Leave it Better than We found It. At the very least our completed projects look like public parks. 

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