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Fire Fighting

In the name of duty, in The United States, protecting Agricultural and Timber Land, wild life, human life, public and private properties, over the years TreeCrew Administrator G. Allan has preformed several speciality tasks while battling forest fires. These tasks needed an eye for detail and an experienced individual qualified to get the tasks done while time was of the essence. 

G. Allan is a National Wildfire Coordinating Group Qualified and Certified ENOP Captain, with over 30 years of experience.

Cameron Peak Fire

Cameron Peak Fire is still recorded as the largest wildfire in the Colorado history. This wildfire destroyed many homes along the Colorado Front Range, and was threatening to come down out of the foothills and rage through the community of Bolder. When just on the outskirts of Bolder, G. Allan joined a daring effort. Using a drip torch G. Allan burned-out 300 acres of fire fuels just outside city limits, in order to save the communities west side. This operation began in late afternoon and continued on through the night.


East Troublesome Fire

On the shirt-tails of saving Bolder's predominant Westend suburb, by burning out the woodland fuels that were threatening the small Metropolis, fire team overhead pulled G. Allan and the engine he was on from Cameron Peak Fire, and reassigned Engine 696 to Estes Park, and the East Troublesome Fire. 

The East Troublesome had started on the West side of the Rocky Mountains and traveled east. Pushed at startling speeds in high winds the East Troublesome ascended Rocky Mountain Westslopes, topped the high mountain crags and burned down into the east entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. Where G. Allan assisted by the 696 engine squad got a little western and did some off-road feats of wonder through Moraine Park. This stopped the fire from jumping a park roadway and getting down into the community of Estes Park, Colorado. 


ABOVE: The view from Moraine Park Campground into Rocky Mountain National Park, as the East Troublesome Fire rushed toward Estes . . . Colorado. BELOW: There are two Red Pins on the Map Below. Between these two red pins is the wetline Engine 696 laid down while going off-road through a National Park to extinguish the head of East Troublesome Fire, keeping this blaze contained in the RMNP, and out of Estes Park. Engine 696 was led by ENOP Captain G. Allan Oram.


The Community of Estes Park was so grateful to us fire fighters they put us up in the World Famous Stanley Hotel, when it dumped snow on us two days later. 


This is just outside room 217 in the Stanley Hotel. This room and the Hotel receive worldwide acclaim as the place author Stephen King came up with his concepts for the books: The Shining, and Pet Cemetery. Hotel staff have a pet cemetery just up a walk behind the Hotel.

The River Complex

The River Complex comprised several forest fires. These blazes were ignited by a large-scale mid-summer lighting event, just South of Yreka, California. Stationed in the small town of Cecilville, G. 
Allan ENOP Captain of Engine 683 and crew were assigned the task to brave the elements, local wild life, and wrap several cabins in a fire protective aluminum shield; two of these cabins are privately owned, and one--an old historic miner's cabin from the 1800s--is now the property of the U.S. Forest Service. 

The August Complex

The largest wildfire in California history, the August Complex became so extensive that its perimeter eventually went from near Willow's California all the way up into the Emerald Triangle to rage through a small town called Ruth. As part of the firefighting personnel on this enormous blaze, G. Allan stood on Mendocino Pass as the August crossed containment lines, and weeks later watched Ruth a hundred plus miles to the north succumb to this awesome force of nature. 

IMG_0058 1.HEIC

From the North Idaho Floodwood Fire in 93' to the Central Idaho Red Mountain Fire in 2006, to the New Mexico Calf Canyon Fire in 2022, G. Allan Oram has been part of mitigating nearly two-hundred forest fires. He's been dropped into forest fires from helicopters, rode to remote airstripts in turbo prop airplanes, and took part in pounding chain upon chain of fireline, scratch line, and wetline. G. Allan has mitigated forest fires in two of the nation's National Parks, Zion and Rocky Mountain. G. Allan has presented fire symposia and preformed fire demonstrations, and wildfire talks with some of the most elite in the Business. Career highlights includes speaking along side the former Deputy Chief of the Forest Service in Washington D.C., presenting research at the Society of American Foresters with the former Rocky Mountain Research Station, Missoula Fire Labs Program Manager Colin Hardy, and working alongside University of Montana Fire Center Fire and Fuels Manager, Carl Seielstad. In all these situations and outcomes, G. Allan has been burned over three times, and had to sit at federal inquiry in only one of these, the East Roaring Fire, where everything all three crews on the incident had, tents, overnight gear, etc . . . accept the boots on their feet, gear and shirts on their backs burned. At present G. Allan is heavily invested in preventative fire fuels mitigation, for forest restorative silviculture. 

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