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15 Acres, Polaris Projects


Jan. 2019 - Feb. 2020

Polaris Montana

We completed several projects near Polaris, Montana, 59746. This was mostly beetle killed lodge pole restoration.

Cut, Pile, Burn

This was a job done as Heritage Forestry.

Fuels Arrangment

There were several different land owners who had suffered beetle devastation through the lodge pole pine stands. We basically cut the dead and infested trees out, in order to give the winter cabins a buffer zone to stop fire progress and allow workers to get defend the vacation homes if, and incase a fire occurred in the summer.

Fire Fuels Mitigation

This was a straightforward project. We completed most of the properties in the summer months of July. While burning that winter, we acquired 6 more acres of project work, and cut and burned at the same time.

There were several projects in this round. As most of the work we do these projects were subsidized through DNRC programs. The project work was conducted around summer and winter cabins at the base of Maverick Mountain Ski-Hill, near Polaris, Montana.

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