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Project Milestones

Feb. 2023 - Dec. 2023

175 Acre Fuels Modifications



In 2023 we completed the Golden Crown Initiative fuels modification projects. The final project in this section was: The Soto Project, 14.8 Acres. From there we moved closer to Helena, Monana and competed the Williams  Project, 3.3 Acres. With the completion of these fuels modification projects we began post and pre commercial fuels treatments. We precommerical thinned 150 acres for the Nature Conservancy, and Slash treated commercially logged land. 

7.9 Acre Fuels Modifications

2021 was a slow year for project work. The Covid lockdown eliminated all the pre office work for subsidized programs, and there were not a lot of projects available. We ended up only completing one project, the Griffen Project, 7.9 Acre treatment. This was a intense fire year, as TreeCrew all ended up being stranded at different times and locations on the August Complex, the largest forest fire in California History. 

Feb. 2022 - Dec. 2022

78 Acre Fuels Modifications



In 2022 we completed several Golden Crown Initiative fuels modification projects: The Cassie Project, 4.8 Acres, McFarlan Project, 12.3 Acres, Dryer Project, 11.2 Acres, Gifford Project, 3.3 Acres, Norman Project, 1.1 Acre, Albertini Project, 7.2 Acres.  The Fuels treatment (RX) consisted of taking down every conifer less than <8 DBH, leaving an average crown spacing of 20 feet, stacking the woody refuse into piles, and burning the piles mid-winter. Along with these winter burns we also took on an additional 37 acres of pile burning. We burned 78 acres of piles this year, and cut/piled 39.9 Acres. 

Jan. 2021- June 2021

Jan. 2019- Dec. 2020

97 Acres Fuels Modifications

We worked a work location just off Mormon Creek Rd, in Lolo, Montana, 15 acres, and completed another 15 acres near Polaris, Mt. We completed (Golden Crown)  a 21 acre project the Dunbar Project, the 31 acre Stock Project, and the 15 acre Allen Project, near Craig, Montana. RX for these treatments varied. Through this period of our companies growth we burned 97 acres of piles.


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