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Projects by TreeCrew

"Dense vegetation, especially when dry, provides fuel for wildfires to spread under certain conditions. Research suggests that fuel treatments, including the use of prescribed fires, mechanical thinning of dense vegetation (using tools or heavy equipment to remove trees), and managed wildfire incidents in remote areas, can reduce the extent and severity of wildfires that encounter those treated areas."

United States Congressional Budget Office 

 Since 2019 TreeCrew has completed fuels treatments, thinning, hand piling and eliminated potential summer fire fuels around private residences in the Urban-Wildland interface, on over 300 acres of  forested timber lands,  owned by private citizens just like you.  

In 2022 TreeCrew completed several fuels treatment projects. We prepared 39.9 acres  for winter burning, and burned 78 acres of fire ripe timber land during the month of November, when there was a foot of snow on the ground.

In 2023 we treated 20 acres of fire fuels and Pre-Commercial Thinned 150 acres for the Nature Conservancy. 


We cut and pile during spring and summer, and burn mid-winter to eliminate potential fire fuels. This fortifies homes and forests against the threat of fire and disease during the summer and fall months.


TreeCrew is fully insured with a broad-form  endorsement, and offers a variety of mechanical thinning options. 


Missoula, Montana,



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